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Gary Mittleider is an ICP Level 3 Certified Instructor with years of eventing, training and coaching experience. He has won numerous year-end awards at the regional and national level as a rider and has coached riders through the Advanced level of eventing.
A bit of history about Gary and Rocky Hollow Farm: 
Throughout the years, Gary Mittleider has had quite an extensive history with horses. Originally, he a cowboy at Macky bar ranch. This ranch provided guides for hunting, trail riding and fly-fishing. It is still exists today and is located along the Salmon River in Idaho. However, in the late 1970’s, Gary started to recognizing that there was quite growing market for training and selling young race horses. He left his dude ranch life behind and began training young thoroughbreds at the track in 1977.

Eventually, Gary and his wife Brenda decided to start their own business by purchasing a five-acre property in Kuna, Idaho in the fall of 1980. It’s hard to believe now, but when they first bought the property it was nothing but five acres of dirt and tumbleweeds. All of the current fencing, barns and infrastructures have been built throughout the years, and a further 15 acres was added. The first thing to be built was was a small red bard, with 12 X 12 box stalls for the horses and of course a small racetrack. Then, they began to build their house, and a small outdoor ring which was about ½ size of the current arena. Eventually, Gary took a liking to jumping and eventing. As Gary began shifting his interest from the racetrack to jumping, he felt always his strength was galloping cross country. His early mentors Bob Mc Donald, Gene Louis and Ernest Herrmann all influenced his riding and teaching style. During the early times of his eventing career he also worked at a saddle shop making quality western saddles.